About TDCS

This blog is about how to become a digital citizen. Ten years ago, this was being able to type, navigate your way around a webpage, shop online, use email, enter data, etc. However, the Web’s evolution is occurring at unheard of levels.

This blog’s purpose is to inform you how to keep up with technology. This means I won’t be raving about the new 32-core processors being developed in Intel labs, but raving on and on about how important it is to have a functioning twitter account in business and even personally. It will include how-to videos, reviews of free and painless software, and how to know the basics of technology.

The decision to fulfill this need through a blog has been recent though. My brother recently began a blog titled Cooking With the Kid (you can find it at noahhellum.wordpress.com). He has done a great job with it, and it looks to have a bright future. He wanted me to set up Twitter and Facebook accounts to spread the word through associating himself with similar foodies. Although my brother knows more than your average Joe with technology, I decided this would be imperative for any aspiring businessperson. As technology reaches further and further into our lives, being a digital citizen will be like being literate, functioning as a basic modern survival skill. Therefore, this blog will be the vehicle to bring this important information to you.

Overall, I feel this blog can fill a void in the digital world. Most tech sites will explain applications in full tech jargon, and become hard to understand. Here, you will feel at home and comfortable. Always, the information on this site will be highly applicable to an average US citizen, not to the fraction of the population that are complete tech geeks like me.


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